A project for Lufthansa & Tip Technology, illustrating two skateboard decks, to be handed out during their skateboard contest in Rålambshovsparken, Stockholm, as well as showcased at a VidStar event. In total, 2,000 decks were printed and given away during the time of the campaign.
The idea behind this artwork was to have a strong composition with a beautiful aircraft. I wanted to play with depth and atmosphere but to keep a limited numbers of shades. This print is not connected to a specific location.
This one is based off of Stockholm city and has the Lufthansa aircraft cruising over the old town. The buildings are very stylised and some of the most important landmarks have more details. I wanted the city to resemblance a map and also the perspective of looking down from the clouds.
For the colour palette, I wanted to go for strong, saturated look, and picked a split complementary scheme which matched the Lufthansa identity. It's also the colours of the Swedish flag. 
I enjoy working with a palette that has a strong temperature shift, that also have a classic and retro feel to it.
The campaign website with a strong skateboard theme.
Printing process above and some of the big winners in the contest in Rålambshovsparken, Stockholm.

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